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Index du forum > Nouveaux projets > Legend of Heroen Remake Demo 5.03

Soeufans - posté le 01/11/2020 à 21:17:43 (1 messages postés)

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I'm Soeufans, from the spanish comunity, i come here, to show everyone my new project in RPG maker 2003 and powered by EasyRPG


About Legend of Heroen:
LoH was a project I started in the begining of RPGmaker2000 era, as an RTP game, and quickly, I started to learn how to use RPGmaker 2000, when 2k3 was released, I did not port the game to 2k3, because of his battle system default, so it remained in 2k. In 2005 was released the first remake, remodeling a lot of maps, characters, engines and lots of features, and in 2012, the full version in spanish was released. And now... returning from a long journey from the southeastern asian countris, I came back and learnt that 2k3 got a big update and EasyRPG Player improved it so much, so I tried them... and... that's when the new version of LoH in 2k3 and EasyRPG started... in near half a month, all big engines where sucessfully completed (CBS and CMS) MeD was done after I experimented a bit more about spritesheets and when completed, I started to add all new engines to the full game... and now, this is the result: The new remake demo of Legend of Heroen in 2k3 + EasyRPG player.


In this demo, you can explore all of Londif, town, caves, tower and his past history, you will learn about the history, main characters and what will come further in the game.

In this demo, are the following engines:

image image
Custom Menu System:
The menu works for items, equipment, magics, system and stats.

Custom Battle System:
All Battle system has been done : you can attack, defend, use items and skills, and escape, you will lvl up and gain new stats.

Custom Text engine:
This is the newest engine and most pleasant system I made recently, a Custom Text engine in RPGmaker2003! You will see magic flowing in your eyes when a dialogue comes out, the sound and animation of every character talking.

Parallax Picture Mapping:
A lot of maps are increased in details using Parallax Picture Mapping system, and with the new features bringing RPG maker 2003, come with more details.

Language in-game:
You can chose to start the game in Spanish or in English, and you can change it whenever you want in the System menu. no more project separatedly by language! A translation in french is possible too.

Thanks to EasyRPG player, Legend of Heroen is Multiplatform, you can play in a windows, linux, android, or even on the Wii (not tested).


And here are the links to download the 5.03 demo:

From Itchio

From Gamejolt

From Hellsoft

They are free to download.

Also, if you want to download the Full game, here are the link of the old full version released in 2012:

From RPG (english and spanish version)

Hope everyone enjoys this, and if someone wants to help me translate it in French, you are welcome!! :)

Happy Hallowen!!

Nemau - posté le 01/11/2020 à 23:57:21 (44490 messages postés) - admin -

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The inconstant gardener

¡ Hola ! Looks very good. Thank you to come here sharing it to us. :clindoeil3

Proposez vos news !TrombinoscopePolaris 03Planète Glutko • Doom Doom Doom Doom! I want you in my tomb!

Index du forum > Nouveaux projets > Legend of Heroen Remake Demo 5.03

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