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Reprise du message précédent:

freank - posté le 11/01/2020 à 15:33:45 (53 messages postés)

❤ 0


Happy 2020, everyone!
Let's start right away with a nice devlog to talk about what's been recently added to the site!
Then, at the end of this devlog, we will also talk about what's coming next!
First off, let's talk about the goals we'd set ourselves last year and what came of them.

- More events like Egg Hunting -> No Egg Hunting(s), but we had more games with a leaderboard system!
- More exclusive games, FREE as always! -> DONE! And the last one for 2019 was Ultimate Reality
- Continuining to improve the Recommended Area in the Home Page (it's very important for us) -> DONE!
- More games with online functionalities -> DONE!
Improvement of the News Area -> DONE! Now it's easier to add images and youtube videos, since a few weeks ago we improved the Markdown system!
- More comments on the latest games -> DONE! Thanks to the recommendation algorithm
- More ways to use indiepad -> DONE! With new buttons and the indiepad screen for mobile phone- read more below!

What did we add this year?

- New logo!
- Area Events & Challenges -> Added the 'Latest Champions' list
- (Inspired by Reddit) Icons when clicking on the Download button if it contains an external link or file name
- When adding links to images, gifs and youtube videos in the comments and in the News Area, the website will display them automatically!
- New ANTI-SPOILER funtion in the comments (and in the news)
- Online status in User Pages
- Subscribers lists (like Instagram's)
- Indiepad: new Home button (to go back)
- Improved the Search Area's SEO
- Added a chart exclusive to recently uploaded games (less than 30 days), only visible to developers, so they can see how their games are doing, compared with new ones
- Trending Games tab
- Improved the Ukranian and Polish translation of the website, thanks to @Wolod and @Soulrender

What have we done lately?

- Indiepad on the screen when you play an indiepad game on your phone!

- In the homepage you can now see the 3 latest indie games to gain over 1000 players!
- Players List (only for the games' authors), accessible by clicking on the Player Counter on your game's page!
- Rating filters. Now you can only rate a game if you already downloaded it, your account is more than 10 days old, and your level is higher than 2.

Coming soon?

- Website available in yet another language: Persian!
- "From Dev To Dev". A series of technical articles written by more experienced users by looking at more promising games. The first will be by @FrancescaDeVivo, the artist for Fantastico Studio's games
- Making the indieconsole even better
- New blog posts about a few statistics of the site, comparing 2019 to 2018

What are our goals for 2020?

- Focusing on the players
- Supporting more developers or small teams putting their games up on Kickstarter
- Making user experience on the mobile site different from the desktop site's
Raising the site's 'gamification'

Will we be able to do all this? Keep following us and we'll find out together!


>>Share your game on indiexpo

Suite du sujet:

Gari - posté le 11/01/2020 à 15:47:47 (4907 messages postés) - honor -

❤ 1

Hi !

Some of the new features look nice. However, since your website doesn't host all of the games, some of the links are broken. Do you have a politic about that (suppress the game page, contact author, let it as if for history) ?

Good luck for this new year !

Nemau - posté le 11/01/2020 à 16:10:03 (47452 messages postés) - admin -

❤ 0

The inconstant gardener

Hi Freank ! Happy 2020 !

As an administrator I have to ask : on your site I don't see a link to Oniromancie anymore ; you don't have a partnership system anymore ?

Proposez vos news !TrombinoscopePolaris 03Planète Glutko • Doom Doom Doom Doom! I want you in my tomb!

Verehn - posté le 11/01/2020 à 18:31:04 (8963 messages postés) - honor

❤ 1


Happy new year ! Nice work. :sourit

Eldrao ~ PakuPaku ~ Winged Light ~ Ruin ~ Ma galerie ~ LTDAD ~ Don de graphismes plateforme 2D

freank - posté le 12/01/2020 à 11:13:29 (53 messages postés)

❤ 0

@Gari thanks! If you note a game with a Broken Link, you can report it and the staff will try to restore it, to contact the author and/or to delete the page.

@Nemau hi! and thanks! happy new year too! the partnership was with (check out the link on the left on oniromancie forum). If it's possibile, change it with, I will try to contact the staff to restore the partnership (now the team is bigger)

@verehn hi! Oh, i remember Winged Light! I played it a lot of time ago! I'm noting that you made also other great games! Upload them also on indiexpo!

>>Share your game on indiexpo

Nemau - posté le 12/01/2020 à 16:26:28 (47452 messages postés) - admin -

❤ 0

The inconstant gardener


If it's possibile, change it with

I will ask our webmasters to do that. :3


I will try to contact the staff to restore the partnership (now the team is bigger)

Ok, thanks.

Proposez vos news !TrombinoscopePolaris 03Planète Glutko • Doom Doom Doom Doom! I want you in my tomb!

freank - posté le 17/03/2020 à 13:35:11 (53 messages postés)

❤ 1

Hi guys! Few updates!
As we said previously, we are publishing on indiexpo blog, several reviews of Game Developers for (new) Indie Devs with interesting projects!
The first one was about the pixel art, made by the pixel artist of Fantastico Studio, and the second one (posted few days ago) was about an adventure game by an artist of Ars Goetia Studio.


It's also started a new Easter Egg hunt! If you will play this game, Rookie Hero, and you will be the first to find the Easter Egg, you will win 500 Gems!
Remember to stay logged.

We also improved the desktop design of the website with few details and just one bar on the left. It's added a new Share button in the game-pages to share your favourite games easily and quickly!

>>Share your game on indiexpo

Roi of the Suisse - posté le 17/03/2020 à 18:57:07 (26588 messages postés) - admin -

❤ 0

:) Hi Freank,

I created a page for my game Kujira no Hara on your website :

And it says


You have to gain 15 players in the next 30 days or your page will be deleted.

I hope that a game in french language can get these 15 players quickly enough in order not to be deleted :lol

Plante 300 arbres et tu ne pollues plus ! | Es-tu une star ? | Kujira no Hara | Polaris 03 | Planète Glutko

Gari - posté le 17/03/2020 à 19:23:19 (4907 messages postés) - honor -

❤ 0

I somewhat have a doubt about it. I guess it's a feature to put away games without feedback, but is it really usefull for games with an external download ?


@Gari thanks! If you note a game with a Broken Link, you can report it and the staff will try to restore it, to contact the author and/or to delete the page.

And sorry for not answering that Freank, but I just can't find time to look for those (if the pages are dead though, it makes sense the download links don't answer).

freank - posté le 21/03/2020 à 17:53:48 (53 messages postés)

❤ 0

Roi of the Suisse a dit:

I hope that a game in french language can get these 15 players quickly enough in order not to be deleted :lol

It's not so hard. There are a lot of users from France and, as you can see, in the homepage there is Recommended Area. It works like YouTube or Netflix, with an algorithm.
If an user played french games previously, the website will suggest other good french games. Good luck!
You can upload also your other games ;)

Here there is an invite to our Discord server! Join to the indie lovers army!

>>Share your game on indiexpo

Roi of the Suisse - posté le 18/05/2020 à 12:01:30 (26588 messages postés) - admin -

❤ 0

Hi Freank,

I cannot find our partnership banner displayed on Indie Expo.
Where is the page listing all partnerships with other communities/websites?
Or is the task of adding the banner still in progress?

Plante 300 arbres et tu ne pollues plus ! | Es-tu une star ? | Kujira no Hara | Polaris 03 | Planète Glutko

sriden - posté le 24/05/2020 à 02:16:35 (16192 messages postés) -

❤ 1

Just a quiet peaceful dance


You have to gain 15 players in the next 30 days or your page will be deleted.

Fallait me dire Rots, j'aurais volontiers télécharger Kujira pour prendre un malin plaisir à le supprimer de mon ordi juste après. =>[]

Si ça peut rassurer l'équipe de création de Polaris 03 et de la 7e porte, ces jeux sont encore sur le site car bien au-delà des 15 joueurs depuis un moment. Ouf. :tirlalangue2
470 joueurs sur Escapade ? zomg, mais où qu'ils sont tous ces cons :F, pourquoi je les ai jamais entendus ? :fou3


Escapade | La 7e porte | Vader Ou La Fin des Haricots | Ketsuro | Polaris 03 | Blog ciné/jv | Mes albums de zyk : Diaphanous Horizons & Retranchements

freank - posté le 13/09/2020 à 09:59:50 (53 messages postés)

❤ 1

What have been the latest changes made to iindiexpo?

It’s been mostly bugfixes, optimizations, expansions, and some small changes!

Without further ado, let’s see what’s changed!

- Share Button

We added a button that allows to share your game much more easily and rapidly on a lot of social networks to every game page. It even comes with a [U]QR code[/U] to print or scan, to share with anyone around you!

- More automatic checks during uploads

More automatic checks were added when a game developer tryes to create a new game page. Many kinds of checks were added, the most important ones put in place to avoid spam. Now, if a game developer tryes to make a page with an external download link, the site will automatically check if there are other games with the same external link. Furthermore, every user will be able to create a maximum of two game pages per day.

- The navigation bar has been improved

While before there were both a vertical and an horizontal navigation bar, now it’s all been included in the vertical one, which will allow you to move between different areas much more easily and rapidly.

- Added slovakian and persian support

Two new languages were added, once again thanks to the help of the indiexpo community! Adding persian is a remarkable milestone, as it makes indiexpo one of the first game hosting websites completely translated in an arabic language! We’re still fixing the site architecture relative to this new language (we gotta flip everything right to left)!

- Something new everyday!

The most recent edit, instead, was adding an area to the HomePage that will change every day. One day it will show “Games that have recently gotten more than 1000 players”, the next day it will show “The most recently followed games”, and the day after “The most relevant games that have no comments”, etc.

- More small things

New search filters in Advanced Search, new FAQ area, new User Titles depending on your level, bugs fixed regarding double notifications.


A new game has been published exclusively on indiexpo, Tony & Clyde (a low-poly adventure from a brasilian team, with a great color range and a perfect design), which was the first game featured on our latest video, the “Best of August”!

Before the end of the year we should have two other big projects done. The first regards a bug fix related to medals notifications, and the other a new functionality in the Events & Challenges area!

>>Share your game on indiexpo

freank - posté le 20/12/2020 à 16:47:24 (53 messages postés)

❤ 0

Here we are (again)!
Our last video to say "THANKS" to the indie developers on the website!
With the help of their games, the community of indie lovers is growing up! And we are very happy of this!
We also released new features (and others are coming) but we will talk about this in another post!
Now... the video REWIND 2020!

>>Share your game on indiexpo

freank - posté le 07/02/2021 à 17:57:55 (53 messages postés)

❤ 1

Hi guys! Welcome back!

During the last year the website had a great boost. The reasons were probably two. The first one was a lot of players, all around the world, locked at home that were looking for free games to play. And the second one was big influencers in China that discovered and showed indiexpo on their channels.

So we thought "don't stop me now!"... and we updated the website with new features and fixed several bugs. We introduced Verified Accounts, the Share button, improved our home page and totally changed the Subscription Area.

As you can see, now you can visit the new Subscription Area to check for updates about the games you’re following. It’ll be like having your own, personal news feed!

But what are we planning for this new Year?

We were the first videogame website to also think about middle eastern countries, translating the website and changing its design so that it’s easier and faster to navigate - also by young developers and players from those countries. We want to continue to update and improve it during this year!

We are also going to work to create new automatic checks in order to prevent spambots and spam. The site’s design will be improved, we’ll add new details and animations, as well as new notifications about your progress on indiexpo!

What’s more, we’re also going to add a new area for developers and players, something totally new and never-before seen on websites like indiexpo! Stay tuned!

Continue to be a part of this community, watch the latest videos and follow the best game developers, all on indiexpo!


>>Share your game on indiexpo

freank - posté le 10/10/2021 à 11:53:16 (53 messages postés)

❤ 0

New Languages, redesign and tags!
Hi! Did you see the latest updates on indiexpo?

We never stop and recently we improved the website to be more useful for gamers and developers!

At first we translated indiexpo into two new languages: Filipino and Thai!


With the help of several users from the indiexpo's community we translated the latest words and now also the younger developers and gamers, from Thailand and Philippines, can use the website easly!

It's also redesigned two areas of indiexpo, Subscriptions and Your Games (for game developers)

Now you can see the latest news and updates of the followed games and to left a comment faster!


Another new feature is about the Comments Area of the Game Pages. Now you can tag another user when you left a comment and he/she will receive a notification about it! And added a new anti-spam system!
And there are other small features like the possibility (finally) to change your password and email in Settings Area and to see the new UI of the Level Area!

And more has coming!

Stay tuned and play indies!


>>Share your game on indiexpo

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