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Messages postés par Geri
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Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 12/09/2011 à 16:56:39. (27 messages postés)

BUILD 702:

-20-70% speed-up
-sprites now using mipmapping and anizo filtering, if available
-fixed a broken filter selection in the graphics engine
-application now sets default language to Hungarian in Romania and Slovakia

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 20/08/2011 à 01:30:32. (27 messages postés)


its may faster than the windows version


i am sorry but there is serious a performance problem with some nvidia gpus in the version 681. i will fix it soon


BUILD 685:
-nVidia performance bug fixed with some GeForce GPU's
-Now frameskip is supported, when framerate is too low
-Matrix stack underflow fixed in the graphics engine
-VBO overindexing fixed in the graphics engine

2. and 3. mirror is alreday contain the fresh version, 1. mirror will be refreshed within 16 hours

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 19/08/2011 à 02:33:46. (27 messages postés)

operation antiCRY:
In the past 4 days, i coded. I did nothing else.
I have total eaten 4 times: 4 x 3 slice of bread.
I have total showered 1 time. So i currently stink.

The reason is, that i have started to make serious performance and structural update in the code, and i have accidentally found brutal bugs, wich was now
appeared more stronger, becouse i now compile the executables in optimized 6x86 mode.

(And accitdentally, something, somewhere is released, and i had a buggy software to competite with it, so i had to fix it without any delay.)

It was very gory to workaround these bugs, but i cant wait any longer with this patch, so i had to release it IMMEDIATELY, build670 was awfull.
So i worked as hard as i can to put the new version together within the shortest possible time, this was a huge coding-rush, i take this maker very serious.

build 681

-Changed loading screen design
-Some small design changements in the maker's editor
-Changed right parameter panel
-Testing map now resets script execution properly
-Fixed pentagram flickering in the battle system
-Now editor automatically uses the Non-Power-Of-Two textures, if it can
-Battle system enemy selection may showed wrong enemy, fixed
-Enemy may attacked alreday dead hero becouse of an unitialized data in the code
-Magic list showed broken Red Magic parameters until it floated to the screen
-60% speed up in the graphics pipeline
-Graphics engine caused matrix stack overflow, fixed
-Graphics engine sometime touched shader functions without reason, fixed
-Battle camera may showed wrong image when the teams showed
-Battle system printed memory garbage sometimes, when an attack affected the whole team
-Heroes and enemys now squat correctly, if they injured seriously
-Cacheing recived a loading bar
-There may was broken vertices above the heroes when they stopped walking, fixed
-20-30% speed improvement in the animated model loading
-Battle camera code now does not watch to upward if the enemy/hero is small
-Better radar
-Scripts was missing from radar, fixed
-Now you can switch lines in script editor by clicking into they line number
-From now, failsafe Direct3D mode available for GPU's without OpenGL drivers (experimental, in game mode only)

download links will be refreshed within the next 16 hours.

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 10/08/2011 à 13:31:08. (27 messages postés)


BUILD 670:
-PNG-s with alphamap was loaded incorrectly
-Battle system's lag fixed by lowering minfps latency
-Some battle shocking effect added for the simple attack in the battle system
-The runtime now supports the folowing widescreen resolutions: 1360x768, 1280x768, 1680x1050, 1920x1080FullHD

(mirrors will be refreshed with the new version until night!)

Posté dans Jeux - Laxius Power III: The Final Terror

Geri - posté le 06/08/2011 à 20:11:07. (27 messages postés)

I love Laxius Power. I love especially the epicness of the story-anims.

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 04/05/2011 à 14:43:01. (27 messages postés)

i have found a bank that offers a very easy internet based management, so i will probably create an account there someday

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 04/05/2011 à 14:16:58. (27 messages postés)

what is your paypal? Maybee you are a pirate :D

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 04/05/2011 à 13:54:03. (27 messages postés)

(s)he was leight ;)

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 04/05/2011 à 00:41:51. (27 messages postés)


Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 04/05/2011 à 00:21:55. (27 messages postés)

please somebody tell me what is this in english:
Pourrais je avoir le logiciel que je viens de payer svp

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 04/05/2011 à 00:07:34. (27 messages postés)

Close enough. You cant change the graphics chip in it :(

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 03/05/2011 à 23:54:52. (27 messages postés)

is your computer a notebook?

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 03/05/2011 à 23:44:34. (27 messages postés)

Maker3D is optimised to middle class graphics, therefore it needs an OpenGL 2.1 compatible PCI-E 16x graphics accelerator with at least ~40 gbyte/sec memory transfer to be playable. Intel GPU-s has no dedicated video memory, they using the system's built-in ram, wich can deliver around 3 gbyte/sec (in reality, effective 0.5 gbyte/sec).

(Well my maker has a bit big machine requiretments aniway, to fix this, would need architectural rewrite of the maker code by 10 other professional computer progammers for ~1 years, wich would cost brutal prices so it will never happen.)

If you got an old Pentium3/4 or AMD athlon, with GeForce 4 Titanium 4400 (MX is NOT enough) then put it together, they will able to move Maker editor around ~9 fps.

With Intel ,,GPU''-s, Maker3D will not able to run faster.

If you have a desktop computer, i suggest the folowing graphics accelerators to be used with Maker:


-ATi Radeon HD 5750 PCI-E 16x
(this vga costs around 80 euro and will run maker editor around 50 fps approx, if it gets enough cpu power)

-nVidia GeForce 450GT PCI-E 16x 1GB DDR3
(this vga costs around 85 euro and will run maker editor around 40 fps approx, if it gets enough cpu power)

I suggest at last 2 gbyte of memory to run Maker.

i suggest an AMD Athlon2/Phenom/Phenom2 CPU (or comparable Intel) with 2 cores on at least 2,6 ghz. (costs around 30-60 euro).

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 03/05/2011 à 22:06:14. (27 messages postés)


Its no way to decrase graphics quality in the editor (its only possible in the runtime).
What graphics card do you have?

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 02/05/2011 à 22:03:47. (27 messages postés)

BUILD 661 done, shortly being uploaded:
-Walk camera code rewritten
-Culling in shadow handling disabled now
-In character creator wizzard, now model can be rotated with keyboard
-Ground wireing in map editor
-Fixed collision of some tiny objects

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 01/05/2011 à 19:48:07. (27 messages postés)


so here is the new camera code i try to pull up right now

edit: too large. link:

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 01/05/2011 à 14:11:53. (27 messages postés)

i throwed out my camera code

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 30/04/2011 à 23:14:12. (27 messages postés)

thx :p

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 30/04/2011 à 23:07:43. (27 messages postés)

This is a very new software currently, i have earned around 65 eur from this software until now. In the last few days, the hits of maker3d site doubled, if it will keep it, i except 110 eur in the next month for it. The goal is 245 euro per month (wich is the minimum wage in rural areas of hungary), i think after a few months i will able to reach it.

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 30/04/2011 à 22:49:22. (27 messages postés)

that was the price finetuning, i started from 200 euro, then i set the price to 100, then to 69, 59, 39, then 29, then 19, then 9, then 7, then 5, and finally to 2 euro, then i putted it as ,,pay what you want'' product. After 1 month i calculated, how would be the best to sell the software (few for a lot money, lot for few money, etc) and i calculated that the best price will be 9 euro.

So 9 euro is the final price, this will be only changed if currency movements require it.

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 30/04/2011 à 18:15:25. (27 messages postés)

please vote:

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 29/04/2011 à 17:49:02. (27 messages postés)

if you can send international money transfer, i send my account details

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 29/04/2011 à 17:32:58. (27 messages postés)

Creating paypal account is easy, it needs an email address, it accepts any credit card with VISA or MASTERCARD support.

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 29/04/2011 à 17:28:14. (27 messages postés)

well i dont want to spam it to multiple locations on this forum, well, i cant say a lot of myself. I am from Hungary. I first started programming at age 11 in BASIC, on my first computer, wich was a 8088 cpu with 768 kbyte RAM and ~20 mbyte HDD. My first projects was 3d rendering cubes and spheres back then, i sucked very lot with it becouse at that time internet and documentations was simply unexist. I first meet with rpgmaker around 1999, the first rpgmaker i used it was rm95, then i tryed rm2k also, but not used it. Later i switched from BASIC to C programming language. I dont like to use external librarys in my programs, its better to do everything on my own. I always tried to create game maker applications, becouse they are cool. My first 3 attempt was unsuccesfull, but my new Maker3D is finally fits to my plans.

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 29/04/2011 à 16:41:41. (27 messages postés)

Thank you for your responses, please move my topic if its in bad place.

Camera movement, character movement speed, default camera code, view angles are designed by the suggestions of 20 different rpg maker users and rpg fans back then, we together confered until everybody found it acceptible.

Posté dans Forum - Maker3D

Geri - posté le 29/04/2011 à 15:44:01. (27 messages postés)

je nes parles pas francais, sorry :D

Maker3D is a powerfull 3D RPG maker environment.


The software is designed to provide user-friendly and familiar RPG creation tool for the maker-community. Software offers an easy, self-documenting clickable/writable scripting system based on BASIC programming language. With chipset and tileset based map editing, you can easilly create the universe for your game. To use the application, no programming skills needed. Maker3D ships with large built-in content, including tilesets, chipsets, monsters, avatars. Everything, you need.

Select-and-click based level edition

Just select a model from the left list by clicking with the mouse, and click on the map. Its so simple to create your rooms, cityes, houses, caves. Select a pen, and paint your ground. Select a texture, and change the ground tiles. Just like in the old 2d rpg maker softwares, Maker3D offers an easy editor system to create your maps within minutes. You need more than the built-in chipset and tilesets? No problem. Maker3D offers support for the most popular object and texture formats, including .3ds, .obj, .c, .jpg, .bmp, .tga

Character creation

Select the hair fashion, select the panties, select socks, shoes, gloves, etc... In Maker3D, you can just simply click together your heroes, NPC-s, and enemies. You can simple add your textures too, and the finished models does not needed to be exported: they just work. You viewing the characters in real time while you editing them, you can rotate them with the mouse, and check them from multiple directions.

Documentation-free knowledge

Handling Maker3D is even simplyer than handling the old 2d rpg creator softwares. Just check the example game, read everything wich is writed out to your screen, and put your game together.

Easy script/event editing

You can place your scripts on the world map, and you can simply write them. You not need to learn Maker3D-s syntax: just click on the command! For example, to create a script wich loads a modell, just click on the command LOAD_MODELL, select a modell from the pop-upping content browser, then point on a location on the world map. You can use variables, cycles... FOR, IF, you can build up your scripts with the help of the famous BASIC programming language. After you click or type a command, the command's syntax appears, and a tiny example that shows the working of the specified command. You can place up to 80 script on a map: they will executed parallelly. Almost 100 scripting command: text writing, messaging, sound handlig, everything you need.


Built-in battle system
Posted Image

Maker3D has built in HP / MP / Item / Magic / Attack / Block based, turn-based traditional JRPG battle system. You can add up to 4 hero and 4 enemy to the current battle. You can handle the battle system easilly from the script-system. Running a battle will not even break the other running scripts on the map. Add your heroes, monsters to the battle system, and enjoy the battle with the epic battlecamera system.

Loading and saving

Game created with Maker3D offers loading and saving ability, wich restores your characters, variables, and items. It even saves a screen dump, wich is associated to the save slots.


What you see is what you get. You can just try your map in Maker3D immediately, and return to the map edition. Maker3D has debugging ability: watch your variables, frame per second rate.

Save executable

Maker3D can export an executable from your game. Your exported game can be easilly shared with your friends or on the internet. Your exported game is LOGO-FREE. Its not necessarry to install your game on the users machine, its enough to be copyed. No external runtime packages, and no other horror.

Modern 3D graphics

Maker3D got modern 3D graphics, with real time lighting and real shadowing. Particles, anti-aliasing, motion-blur, glow, gamma... Everything, you need. Maker3D is the ONLY usable 3d rpg creator software. This is the only existing software wich offers the simplycity of the old 2d rpgmakers and the magic of real 3d.

Get some food, turn off the lights, sit down, and feel the power of your creativity. Create your own RPG! Get Maker3D today!


Questions, Recommandations etre.

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