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bulmabriefs144 - posté le 07/04/2021 à 19:57:21 (15 messages postés)

❤ 2

Ummmmm, come check out my game?


I'm not really very savvy on alot of these video animations. So it's probably gonna look less impressive than other pages. Oh ummm, first, the link to the game.

Download Link

The basic premise of the game is that there's a demon and an evil wizard and a mission from God to stop them. That's the official story, a girl from the slums gets mystical tattoo powers, joins a large group, and brings everything to balance. Also, the world used to be the Earth, but it was divided into the New Earth and the Void after a major cataclysm. But it's not all that it seems on the surface, and I'll let you decide how true that all is. I designed this game to have a major plot twist at the end of the first half, and a playable New Game + to resolve the rest of the story. So yes, I've basically told you nothing about the plot but an apparent lie. :doute6

Here's a Let's Play video that I made (none of the video players seem to like it, so I just made a link)

It gives you a fairly good understanding of the game, even if it's not the latest version. It's also funny to watch, as I die alot in the playthrough, and I spend much of the time earning money in an unorthodox way.

I had alot of sidequests and extra features, after I finished the main story, so I spent alot of my effort trying to make this more a custom system. Some of the things I worked on:
-I made the game run in OpenGL huge window mode.
-Limited voice acting and some royalty free gameover/intro songs.
-A monster bribery system.
-Party switch menu (includes support for two parties, as in here)
-Editable text colors and types (you'll notice that the one that I like from the LP is a nice gradient but I don't think everyone likes it). I might update this in the future.
-An open world where you can hunt, fish, mine, do sidequests, etc.
- A completely unique battle system that changes the format of battle based on environment and other factors. This could also update, I suppose, but I like it pretty well.
-A custom battle item system (you equip four items you will use in battle)
-Custom save and load screens.
-Other stuff!

Index du forum > Jeux terminés > Oracle of Tao

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