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Red-Cube - posté le 07/08/2018 à 18:26:12. (11 messages postés)


Long ago in 2009, the golden age of RM game making (at least in Germany), the community was heavily flooded with fantasy rpgs which had their classics but mostley played the same. My intention was to create something different and especially to provoke by making my game a little less political correct. I gathered a lot of ideas from crime shows (which we have far to many in Germany) and some weird anime thus I played the "Dooms" series from MR BIG T which gave a huge part of inspiration.
Ultimately I ended up with a game called "Lemtingas Metas" which was ok for it's time but didn't age very well. After someone made a request for a LP I decided to change and tweak a few things and ended up with a complete remake of the original.

Germany, 26th of April, 1998.
The hardened detective Jonas Stark is on a hunt for a brutal killer whos ordered by a secret organization called "the Circle". Yet no matter how close his investigations get, the Circle always seems to be one step ahead and even the killer is much closer than Stark might think.
After he loses everything, he decides to solve the case on his own and stop the cirlce from fulfilling their terrible plans but,... can he?

-A dark and sinister story about a cop trying to do what's right, no matter what.
-Explore huge areas, filled with unknown dangers and some secrets.
-Six deadly weapons to fight your foes.
-The free decision to sneak past your enemies or to face them in combat.
-Visual novel segments.


Spoiler (cliquez pour afficher)


Closing remarks:
Don't get confused about me talking about 2009. This is a fundamental remake of what the original once was. It took me days and countless hours but also let me experiment with new techniques and ideas.


Cheers everyone. ;)

GrayXD - posté le 07/08/2018 à 18:37:57. (70 messages postés)

I like this kinda graphics :o Congratulations for your work !

Nemau - posté le 07/08/2018 à 21:21:47. (34827 messages postés) - honor

The inconstant gardener

Looks nice !

Proposez vos news !TrombinoscopePolaris 03Planète Glutko

yop - posté le 07/08/2018 à 21:59:04. (296 messages postés)

Looks awesome man ! Will try that soon :sourire3

"Thousands of years ago the old empire had enforced the Pax Morporkia, which had said to the world: 'Do not fight or we will kill you.' The Pax had arisen again, but this time it said: 'If you fight, we'll call in your mortgages. And incidentally, that's my pike you're pointing at me. I paid for that shield you're holding. And take my helmet off when you speak to me, you horrible little debtor.'" ~Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

Red-Cube - posté le 07/08/2018 à 22:45:12. (11 messages postés)

Thanks guys. There is a lot of improvement compared to the original. It was also nice to experiment a little with light effects.

Tyroine - posté le 08/08/2018 à 20:37:15. (9217 messages postés)

Narcissique psychopathe

Looks pretty nice and disturbing. I played it 10mn, I think it's pretty good.

Just two things though :


Windowskins in 2018... :F I think it could be way better without this thing. I already saw some RM03 games without it (well, I think ?).

And I died in the police station, I have to start a new game. Not a big deal but the game could use some auto-save between missions.

Congrats on this game though ! I'll continue to play I think.

~ Ma chaîne youtube sur les jeux-vidéos divers zévariés.

Red-Cube - posté le 08/08/2018 à 21:40:20. (11 messages postés)

Thanks man.
Yeah maybe I'll add some savepoints. People tend to forget about that these days.

Tyroine a dit:

And I died in the police station, I have to start a new game. Not a big deal but the game could use some auto-save between missions.

Which police station? :pense

Tyroine - posté le 08/08/2018 à 21:53:58. (9217 messages postés)

Narcissique psychopathe

The first mission. Well maybe it’s not but it’s full of cops x)

~ Ma chaîne youtube sur les jeux-vidéos divers zévariés.

Red-Cube - posté le 10/08/2018 à 20:56:53. (11 messages postés)

Lol, no no, those are just security guards in a private flat. The real cops appear after the massacre. :feu

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